Full Service Approach

Sherwood Surveying & S.U.E. was founded with the purpose of providing engineering firms with accurate and timely field information from which they can base their engineered solutions.

ms_engineering-7654Lasting Relationships

Since its beginning, more than 10 years ago, Sherwood maintains long-term relationships with more than 90% of our current client base. We understand that it’s not just a survey, but the initial step in a complex series of events and the basis for all future work. This is why our teams work in tandem with the project team for successful execution of the overall engineered solution.

copy-of-grande-tyler-41Excellence and Professionalism

Our expertise includes cross country transmission lines, industrial facilities, public works projects, street and roadway, as well as major land development projects. Sherwood Surveying & S.U.E. is a professional surveying company with licenses in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and California.